Free sacred circles. Community. Next level embodiment & energy work.

If you've been in a long period of things not moving, kinda waiting, one foot here, one foot there... this is for you.

Leave the same old, same old behind. FRESH ENERGY. FRESH RESULTS.

In this (free) open session, we'll dive deep into the somatic + energetics so you close a cycle and officially open this new beginning. It's an initiation.

These sacred practices (which you have lifetime access to) help you accept that it’s safe to move. It’s safe to go as bold and big as you desire. It’s safe to answer the call You’re ready.



4pm CET / 3pm London / 10 am EST:
Opening & Ancestry Channeling
by Lígia Leite, founder of The Intuition House

We'll open the space in ritual with your ancestors. Receive information and hear directly from your guides. You will reconnect with your roots, identify and detach from any old programming that might've been passed down (resistance to ease, success & wealth, need to work hard, etc). Find yourown truth. And retrieve the ancestral wisdom you already carry within.

4.30pm CET / 3.30pm London / 10.30 am EST:
Recalibrating Your Past
by Danielle Massi

Our mind, body, emotions, and energy are aching for alignment, and to do that we have to go to the root source of their initial calibration. Join Danielle Massi as she guides you through some gentle shadow work to heal the root source of some of your biggest blocks to align your entire auric system for rebirth.

5pm CET /4pm London / 11 am EST:
Subconscious Reprogramming
by Desi Ivanova

As you’ve cleared the past and old identities, in this hypnosis section of our workshop Desi will guide you into absorbing all the strength from your roots and ancestors whilst safely grounding into your present. A ritual of emergence- You will gently rise up unto your path, feeling confident about all the resources you already posses, and filled with the courage to take those next vital steps towards your dreams.

5.30pm CET / 4.30pm London / 11.30 am EST:
Your Future Frequency Now
by Jayaleigh

You’ve alchemized pain into wisdom, gotten clear on values, desires and never agains. In this session Jayaleigh will help you release any residual dust tied to old identities as you stand before a fresh golden path, and take the first step onto your highest timeline, the one you came to live.

Your Guides

Lígia Leite
Founder & CEO of The Intuition House

Lígia comes from a long lineage of shamans, healers, psychics and medicine women from Brazil, where her initiations started at age 5. Her readings are spot on and work as a definite turning point. Leaders who go to her have tripled their income, gained clarity on their purpose, developed psychic gifts, landed dream book deals & more.

Danielle Massi
Master shadow worker, M.S., LMFT

Danielle is a master shadow work practitioner, best-selling author, motivational speaker, and CEO of The Wellness Collective. Her signature program has helped thousands of students heal unconscious blocks. She's been featured in New York Mag, The Cut, Shape Magazine, the Huffington Post, and Buzzfeed.

Desi Ivanova
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Desi guides powerful hypnosis sessions based on advanced studies on Neural Plasticity and Gene Editing. Her process allows the mind to be re-programmed and limiting/negative beliefs to be altered, which in turn have the power to deeply heal the body and soul.

Divine Channel & Quantum Healer

For 2 decades Jayaleigh has facilitated hundreds of soul activations sessions and spiritual development classes.
She is the secret ascension weapon for multimillion dollar CEO’s, celebrities, and healers OF celebrities. Her activations release karmic patterns at the cellular root and activate the gifts in your DNA for breakthroughs and ultimate liberation.

The Intuition House holds regular sacred Zoom sessions to cleanse, heal and empower you at the deepest level, mind-body-soul.

You are guided by our very own House Guides: the most experts hands, healers, intuitives and practitioners with decades of experience and hundreds of client transformations under their belts.

These are full moon ceremonies, priestess rituals, sharing circles, hot seat channelings, guided meditations, embodiment, breathwork, quantum activations, masterclasses, breakthrough coaching, energy healing, open space for heart-led conversations. A powerdose of liberation from anything stagnant.

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